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Hanson Subaru has Genuine Remanufactured CV Axle Shafts in Olympia, WA

Chances are that your Subaru is equipped with the renowned symmetrical all-wheel drive system with fully independent suspension. This means that each wheel has its own axle shaft with the important job of precisely delivering power. Over time, it's common for axle half shafts to wear out and need replacement. If you find yourself in need of new half shaft (also known as a CV shaft or constant velocity shaft), consider getting a genuine remanufactured CV axle for your Subaru. These are meticulously rebuilt to factory standards and tested to ensure the same performance as a new CV axle.

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What are Some Advantages of a Genuine Subaru Remanufactured Half Shaft?

When a CV axle goes out, you'll typically hear a clicking from the wheel when you turn. Since the front wheels require far more motion than the rear wheels, you'll likely hear the clicking from the front. This is usually the first sign that you'll need to get a new half shaft, and going with a genuine remanufactured Subaru CV shaft is a great way to enjoy the confidence and performance of factory quality parts without the cost of an entirely new part.

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