What's the difference between conventional and synthetic engine oil?
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Is There a Difference Between Conventional and Synthetic Engine Oil? Hanson Subaru Frequently Asked Service Questions

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Unlike conventional oil, which is still a popular choice for many vehicles new and old, synthetic oil is distilled and purified to remove virtually all impurities. That makes it stronger and more durable in your engine!

Many high-performance engines today require synthetic oil. In fact, most Subaru vehicles built after 2010 come with synthetic oil direct from the factory. And, once an engine reaches roughly 100,000 miles, your mechanic will start recommending a switch to synthetic oil if you haven't already. This helps the moving parts of your aging engine last as long as possible.

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Can I Switch Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil in my Subaru?

In an engine that came with conventional oil from the factory, you can change between synthetic oil and conventional oil as often as you like. It's a common misconception that you'll need to have the engine flushed out or cleaned when switching oil types.

However, if your engine was designed for use with synthetic oil, switching to mere conventional oil is a bad idea! It's not as strong and cannot lubricate as well as the synthetic oil the engine was designed for. That means, over time, major damage to your engine's internal parts is likely to develop.

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How Can I Make my Engine Oil Last Longer?

If you want to protect your engine even better, and also go longer between oil changes, consider switching from conventional to synthetic oil! It'll cost you a bit more than conventional oil - but, since it's stronger, you can go longer between oil changes and ultimately save money. Synthetic oil often can go 7,000 miles or more before it needs to be replaced!

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However, you should also consider your driving habits. If you find yourself in a lot of stop-and-go traffic, your engine is working harder than one on a vehicle that's cruising along at highway speeds. Drivers who typically encounter severe conditions such as frequent heavy traffic, long trips at sub-freeway speeds and poor weather will want their oil changed a bit more frequently.

If you have any questions about your engine oil needs, slide on into the service department at your nearest Subaru dealer. In Olympia and serving Tumwater, you'll find expert service at Hanson Subaru!

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