Can You Mix Automotive AC Refrigerants?
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Hanson Subaru Auto Care FAQs: Is it Safe to Mix Automotive Refrigerants?

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There are a variety of refrigerant gasses available on the market. However, using a refrigerant that your vehicle's HVAC system wasn't designed for isn't a great idea. It can cause damage to the system, and even make it impossible or unsafe for professionals to service the system once it's been contaminated by a non-standard refrigerant.

On this page, we'll tell you a little more about how refrigerant works to cool your vehicle - and why using the wrong kind of refrigerant can have catastrophic results in your engine. In general, it's always a good idea to have the delicate HVAC system serviced by trained professionals using OEM parts and factory-approved refrigerant gasses.

Here at Hanson Subaru, we stock high-quality refrigerant and our friendly, knowledgeable service team will take good care of you and your vehicle's air conditioner, too. Visit us when you need HVAC maintenance on your car.

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How does Refrigerant Cool my Car?

You might think that your car's A/C system works simply by pumping cool air into the cabin - but it's also circulating hot air back out of the cabin, too. The refrigerant is under pressure, and circulates throughout the A/C system. In basic terms, cool refrigerant cools the air that enters the cabin through the climate vents. It also absorbs heat from the cabin at the evaporator. Finally, it exchanges that heat with the outside air at the condenser, and then repeats the process, keeping your vehicle cool and comfortable.

As the refrigerant heats up and cools down, gets compressed and condensed, it changes state from a gas to a liquid and back again. Different refrigerants have different boiling points, and will change from gas to liquid at different temperatures and pressures. That means, mixing refrigerant types will change the boiling point of the refrigerant. This could compromise the A/C system's ability to exchange heat, or even cause it to stop working altogether.

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Can Mixed Refrigerant Be Fixed?

One final reason not to mix refrigerants: It could be difficult and costly to flush the system if you've mixed refrigerants.

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When your A/C system needs to be professionally recharged, the first step will be to drain the system and recycle the old refrigerant. The machinery used by your mechanic or service technician can be damaged by the wrong refrigerant. In some cases, you may be turned away for service if your vehicle has the wrong refrigerant in the system, or a blend of refrigerants.

Instead, be sure to only use the recommended refrigerant in your vehicle. If you feel your A/C system isn't performing as it should, visit your local Subaru dealership service center for a professional A/C system recharge.

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