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The oil in your engine has an essential job: Protecting and lubricating all its rapidly-moving parts. Without the engine oil, metal-on-metal contact would destroy the engine in short order. An oil leak means you have to continually add oil to protect the engine. Instead of wasting money on quarts of engine oil constantly - which is only masking a bigger maintenance problem anyway - you can get the oil leak fixed and stop throwing your money at the problem once and for all.

On this page, we'll tell you how to identify an oil leak, and what you can do to address it. Of course, engines are complex pieces of machinery, and a leak could appear almost anywhere. That makes leaks difficult to track down. Remember that you can always visit your local Subaru dealership for high-quality service and a professional inspection if you suspect an oil leak in your vehicle.

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How to Find an Oil Leak in your Car

There's no need to panic at the first sign of liquid in your driveway beneath your car, especially in summer months. Water leaks out the bottom of the car by design from the A/C compressor. You might also suspect an oil leak when actually coolant, or another engine fluid like differential fluid or transmission fluid, has begun to leak. Be sure that you're positive that it's an engine oil leak before you proceed.

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You should also keep in mind that you might have an oil leak without seeing a stain in your driveway beneath the car. The oil could simply be collecting elsewhere in the engine. Or, if the oil is leaking internally, due to a failed valve or gasket, the engine could be burning the oil instead. If you notice smoke coming from the tailpipe, too, then burning oil is a strong possibility.

Another tip for finding leaks us to use a dye. By mixing a special dye into the engine oil, then letting the car run to circulate the oil, it'll be easier to identify where a leak is coming from.

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Once you've found the leak, you can determine how to proceed. You may need to replace the leaking component or replace a blown seal between two components in order to keep the engine from burning oil.

Remember: The engine shouldn't lose any oil at all under normal circumstances. An engine oil leak is usually a sign that your engine needs to be looked at by a professional, to address any underlying issues. When you do find an oil leak in your Subaru, the trained professionals at your local Subaru service department are always on hand to help you get it fixed.

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