How can I make sure my car's battery has a good electrical connection?
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How do I Properly Maintain a Good Battery Connection? Your Service Questions Answered at Hanson Subaru in Olympia

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Most car batteries are totally maintenance free, and provide a reliable charge and consistent starting power for years and years - but if something does go wrong with your battery, we can help! By checking the battery charge, battery cables and keeping the battery clean of corrosion, you can ensure a quality electrical connection from your car battery.

If you're having difficulty starting your Subaru, the headlights seem unusually dim or you experience other electrical problems, the battery might be to blame. If none of these tips solve your problem, visit your local Subaru dealership to get a high-quality replacement battery.

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How Can I Properly Clean My Battery Terminals?

If you experience electrical problems, or your vehicle doesn't respond at all when you turn the key, checking the battery is a good place to start. Special tools are available at auto parts stores which can show you the charge left in your battery. If it's gone totally dead, you can try to charge it up - but if the battery won't take a charge, you'll just need to replace it.

However, if the battery is charged up just fine, you might have a poor electrical connection. Check the battery cables to ensure they're still connected properly. If they weren't hooked up correctly, they might wiggle loose over time.

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Lastly, it's important to check the battery posts for corrosion. Over time, a white, powdery substance can build up on your battery. This corrosion doesn't conduct electricity, and can cause your battery's connection to fail. This can easily be cleaned off with a solution of water and baking soda and a non-metallic brush.

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Perhaps surprisingly, certain websites on the internet believe that a can of Coke is the best way to clean corrosion from your battery terminals! While we can't recommend pouring sugar water all over your vehicle's engine and electricals, we can tell you that cleaning your battery terminals at home is a good way to make sure your battery is working its best. And you should probably just drink that Coke instead.

If you have more severe battery or electrical problems on your Subaru, visit your local authorized Subaru dealer. Hanson Subaru is proud to serve the residents of Lacey and Tumwater!

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