Can I Recharge My Own Vehicle AC System?
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Canisters of do-it-yourself refrigerant have exploded in popularity, with the promise that they'll cheaply restore air conditioning systems that are blowing hot air. While these products can work temporarily in some cases, it's often not the best idea to use them. AC systems on modern cars need to be accurately filled to the proper pressure levels to perform correctly. What's more, additives that are supposed to close up system leaks can actually cause problems on their own, clogging components and damaging the system. These cans might get some cold air blowing into the cabin for a short time, but for a quality, long-term fix, you'll need to have the system professionally recharged.

Even more concerning, new vehicles are using a brand-new AC refrigerant to comply with new government regulations. This new refrigerant is flammable under the right conditions. Since the air conditioning system has to be emptied completely to truly recharge it, it's always smart to let factory-trained experts handle this delicate system (and the potentially volatile gas inside).

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Why Charging Your Own A/C System is a Bad Idea

While most modern vehicles won't need their A/C charged but once every few years or more, refrigerant will slowly leak out of the system. Eventually, there will be so little refrigerant that no cold air comes out of the vents.

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To properly recharge the system, the remaining refrigerant needs to be recycled out. Then, the entire system has to be flushed and depressurized. Once the system is totally empty, it can be refilled with new refrigerant. The exact amount of refrigerant needs to be put into the system for ideal performance. Not enough refrigerant and the system won't blow cold; too much refrigerant can actually flood the system, and create temperatures too low for the system to operate within.

Because the margin for error is slim, and the savings compared to the professional service are modest, we can't recommend recharging your own A/C system using do-it-yourself canned refrigerant products. While a can of refrigerant might cost you $20-$30, a professional A/C recharge will only cost you $95-$165, depending on your make and model, according to Angie's List.

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