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The instrument cluster of your Subaru has plenty of alert, warning, and emergency lights, and most of them are pretty specific. The check engine light, however, is much trickier to parse. What should you do when the check engine light in your Subaru turns on? At Hanson Subaru, we believe in giving you the information you need. With that in mind, we've put together a list of four things to know if this happens to you.

An illuminated check engine light

4. A Steady Light: Generally Not an Emergency

If the check engine light comes on and it's steady, you're vehicle is usually not in any immediate danger. However, there is still something that needs attention in your vehicle, so this light shouldn't be ignored. Doing so could decrease your car's performance, get you fewer miles to the gallon, or make your car pollute more. For reasons like this, it's important that you schedule a service appointment so you can get your Subaru back to its peak. But before you go. . . .

A tow truck loading a vehicle onto its bed.

3. A Flashing Light: Emergency

If the check engine light in your Subaru is flashing, on the other hand, it means that something serious may be wrong with your engine. Often, the light flashes when there is a misfire, which is caused by unburned fuel being dumped into the vehicle's exhaust system. If the engine is misfiring, expensive components like the catalytic converter could be put at risk. We recommend pulling over as soon as you can safely do so, and then calling for a tow.

A person screwing in a gas cap. 

2. Get the Code Read

Whether the light is solid or flashing, you'll still need to get it checked out so that you can figure out what's wrong with the engine. The technicians at Hanson Subaru have a Subaru-specific code reader that they'll hook up to your vehicle. It will tell them exactly what's wrong so that they can fix it. But before you come in. . . .

1. Try Tightening the Gas Cap

A loose, cracked, or missing gas cap is sometimes a culprit. If it's missing or cracked, you'll need to get a new one; however, if it's there and looks fine, try removing it and screwing it back on tightly. There's a chance this could make the check engine light turn off, saving you a trip to the dealership.

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