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The engine in your car is exhausted! No, it's not sleepy, it just needs a whole system of pipes, mufflers and emissions control components that allow the engine to breathe freely and perform at its best. But, because the exhaust system typically hangs from the bottom of the vehicle's undercarriage, it's vulnerable to damage. The muffler could be torn open by a curb, debris could puncture a hole in the exhaust pipe or the catalytic converter could fail. These problems will cause your car to perform poorly and the engine will just plain sound weird. And if you start to smell the exhaust in the car as you drive, those are potentially toxic fumes you don't want in your lungs. Head to Hanson Subaru for a fix if your car displays any of the 4 symptoms below.

This vehicle is on a lift so a technician can easily service the exhaust system

4. Exhaust Odor In The Cabin

If you can smell exhaust fumes in the cabin as you drive, then you've almost certainly got an exhaust leak. That means you and your passengers could be breathing harmful carbon monoxide. Furthermore, problems in the exhaust system can even change the smell of the exhaust. For example, a rotten egg smell can indicate that the catalytic converter -- a component in the exhaust system that reduces harmful emissions -- is starting to go bad. If you can smell gasoline in the exhaust, that could indicate an overly rich fuel mixture and a problem in the engine as well. But no matter what it smells like, being able to smell the exhaust in the cabin is dangerous. You'll want the exhaust leak fixed right away.

This illustration shows how the exhaust system connects with the engine

3. Loss Of Horsepower

If airflow through the exhaust is disrupted by an exhaust leak, it'll affect the way the engine breathes. Air needs to flow smoothly and quickly through the system. If that's not happening, you might notice a lack of power, particularly at high speeds and revs. A mysterious drop in performance could be caused by an exhaust leak. Usually, this symptom will be accompanied by at least one of the others on this page, but it's one you'll want to keep in mind.

2. Reduced Fuel Economy

If airflow through the exhaust is restricted, the engine may have to work a lot harder to make the same amount of power. Naturally, this means you'll be using more fuel as a consequence. If you notice reduced performance and increased fuel consumption, an exhaust leak is certainly a possibility.

The exhaust manifold is the first part of the exhaust system, gathering exhaust from the engine's cylinders

1. Engine Sounds Much Louder

Perhaps the most obvious symptom of an exhaust leak is that your car gets a whole lot louder. In an exhaust leak, the exhaust is allowed to leave the system before it gets to the muffler, which quiets the noise of your engine. Since the exhaust leaving the engine isn't being muffled, your car will likely begin to sound noticeably louder, and the engine note will sound gravely with the potential for popping and spitting noises. Furthermore, the entire system is likely to vibrate, and you may even feel the vibrations in the cabin as you drive.

If you experience any of these symptoms on your car, head to Hanson Subaru for an exhaust leak repair! An exhaust leak is obnoxious to others and could be dangerous to you, so don't wait on this important fix.

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