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The friendly service experts at Hanson Subaru want you to keep more of your money in your pocket! One way to make car maintenance cost less is to do what you can to keep your tires in good shape. By caring for them properly, you'll not only get the best performance and safety from your tires. You can actually make them last noticeably longer. And since new tires are one of the most costly purchases you'll need to make for your vehicle every few years, getting a few more seasons out of your tires can make a big difference. Here are five tire maintenance tips to make the tires last as long as they can on your car.

This tire is wearing out faster on one side, and is already in need of replacement 

5. Inflate Them Properly

The tires on your car are designed to last as long as possible when they're correctly inflated. But the correct pressure level varies from car to car. The number printed on the tire itself isn't necessarily the pressure to which you should inflate the tire! Instead, look for a sticker on your vehicle, on the inside of the driver's door or door jamb. It will tell you what pressure you should inflate your tires.

Underinflated tires will ride on the edges, and wear faster than they otherwise would on the edges. On the other hand, overinflated tires will ride on the middle of the tire, with the edges of the tire not making contact with the road. This can negatively affect handling performance and cause your tires to wear much more quickly in the center.

If you experience wintery conditions as part of your everyday life, snow tires are a smart investment 

4. Get The Right Tires For The Conditions

For everyday driving in the Olympia area, all-weather tires are perhaps ideal. They can handle fresh pavement, rougher roads and wet weather equally well. However, if you want to do some off-road travel with your Subaru Outback, you'll find that chunky off-road tires will last longer. And if you encounter icy conditions regularly, you might invest in snow tires. Just be sure to swap them out for some all-weathers in the summer, as winter tires may be made from a softer compound to better grip the ice that wears down much faster on dry pavement.

3. Check The Suspension

A certain kind of tire wear called "cupping" can be caused by an excessively worn suspension. When your suspension is working properly, it should absorb bumps and potholes without bouncing excessively. But, as the shocks and springs start to wear out, the vehicle may begin to bounce more when you go over speed bumps. This is a sign that your suspension is wearing out. Another side effect of a worn suspension is bad tire wear. If your suspension is worn, it can cause your tires to make inconsistent road contact, leading to wear that develops in a pattern of patches across the tire called cupping. Tires that show cupping wear will need to be replaced sooner than otherwise necessary.

Let a technician quickly and accurately check your vehicle's tire pressure and make any necessary adjustments 

2. Have Your Tires Rotated

Not only can your tires wear unevenly individually, each tire experiences unique forces that means each tire wears differently. Rotating your tires means to have them swapped from one wheel position to another, so that each tire is eventually subjected to all the same forces. This spreads the wear evenly across all four tires so your set will last a few more seasons before needing to be replaced.

1. Check Your Alignment Regularly

Most people know to get an alignment check if their car seems to pull to one side, or if the steering wheel is off-center when traveling straight. But if you can detect these symptoms, your alignment problem is already severe. Long before these symptoms will show themselves, your tires will be subjected to additional wear. Alignment that is even subtly off can make your tires wear faster, meaning you'll have to pay for a new set even sooner. That's why it's smart to get an alignment check from time to time. Why not stop by the Hanson Subaru service center for your next oil change and get an alignment check and tire inspection while you're at it? We can make sure you get every possible mile out of your tires.

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