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Many vehicles today are equipped with oil life monitoring systems. In theory, they take the guesswork out of getting your oil changed. Instead of observing a regular mileage interval or listening to that little sticker on your windshield, these systems tell you how much life is remaining in your oil and when to get the oil changed -- but do they work? And does your vehicle have such a system? And can you trust these systems to provide accurate information? Find out below from the experts at Hanson Subaru.

A technician wipes clean a vehicle's dipstick in order to get an accurate measurement of the oil level in the engine 

5. What Is An Oil Life Monitor?

As you may know, automakers provide a recommended oil change interval that tells you how often to have the engine oil changed on your car. For example, take the 2016 Subaru Crosstrek: This vehicle should have its oil changed every 6,000 miles according to the owner's manual. However, it also says the oil should be changed sooner if you frequently encounter severe driving conditions.

Nowadays, many automakers are trying to make it easy for owners to get their oil changed at the right times with oil life monitors. Rather than merely giving you a mileage or time interval, these systems take into account how your vehicle was actually driven. They can factor in things like engine speed, climate conditions, number of starts, distance traveled and more. In theory, they can keep track of how the oil is breaking down in your car, and tell you exactly when to get an oil change.

While they don't have oil life monitors, Subaru vehicles do have maintenance reminders to let you know when you're due for maintenance services 

4. Does Subaru Equip Its Vehicles With Oil Life Monitors?

In short, the answer is no. In lieu of an oil life monitoring system, the infotainment system on modern Subaru vehicles provide a built-in reminder for all your maintenance needs. These include not just your oil but your brake pads, coolant and other components, too. Whenever you get your oil changed at Hanson Subaru, one of our technicians will also update the maintenance reminders in the system. The next time you're due for an oil change, your vehicle will alert you so you can get the maintenance you need when it's convenient for you. You can set your own reminders based on either time and date or miles traveled.

The reason you won't find an oil life monitor on Subaru vehicles is that they simply cannot factor in everything. Rather than rely on a system that might get things wrong, Subaru thinks it's better to play it safe and get your oil changed according to a regular interval.

A technician adds the correct engine oil to this engine, using a funnel so there's no spillage or waste 

3. What Happens If I Don't Change My Oil Regularly?

Over time, the additives in your engine oil break down. These additives help to keep the engine's internals clean and operating smoothly while extending the life of the oil itself. But, as they break down, the oil separates into flimsy, thin oil that's not as good at lubricating and thick sludge that can gum up the works of your engine. Replacing the oil before it reaches this stage, therefore, is vital to the long life of your engine. Running an engine with very old oil or a lack of oil is likely to cause all sorts of damage from overheating to blown head gaskets, bad piston rings, failed valve seals and more.

Making repairs to these components deep inside the engine can be costly and time-consuming. By comparison, oil is cheap! That's why we always recommend playing it safe rather than sorry and getting your oil regularly changed according to the manufacturer's specification.

2. Should I Adjust My Maintenance Reminders?

Unless you've consulted with a factory-trained Subaru technician, it's always best to stick to the maintenance intervals outlined in your owner's manual. The built-in maintenance reminders will follow these guidelines unless you customize them yourself. As a rule, we don't recommend this. Your friendly Subaru technician in our service center at Hanson Subaru will keep your maintenance reminders up-to-date so you can get the very best possible care for your car.

1. Why Should I Get My Oil Changed At Hanson Subaru?

Nobody knows a Subaru like the factory-trained mechanics at an authorized dealership service center! When you get your oil changed at the local quick-lube corner shop or nationwide auto care chain, you might not be getting the right oil for your ride. A technician may write a different interval on that corner window sticker than the one that Subaru recommends. And if you need any other parts replaced or repairs performed, like new tie rod ends or fresh coolant, we use OEM parts and fluids recommended and approved by Subaru for long lasting quality. The other guys can't say that. When you want only the very best for your Subaru, head to Hanson Subaru.

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