6 Things You Should Know About Subaru Heating and AC Maintenance - Service Questions in Olympia, WA

We may not see the high summer temperatures on the south end of the Puget Sound that other parts of the country see. However, getting into your car that's been sitting in the parking lot all day can be like getting into an oven. Of course, a warm car on those cold winter mornings is a must, not to mention the importance of the defroster. Check out these six things we think you should know about Subaru HVAC. If you have any questions, call the experts in our factory-certified service center at Hanson Subaru next to Tumwater.

6. Run the System Once a Week

It may seem silly to turn your car's AC on for a bit in the middle of winter. However, this will help keep the system operating as it should. You see, there are a lot of moving parts and rubber seals throughout the air conditioning system. By turning on the AC for 10 minutes or so each week, everything will stay lubricated and the seals are less likely to dry out and fail.

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How to maintain your heating and A/C for your Subaru

5. Inspect Belts & Hoses

Most modern vehicles have just one engine drive belt to operate the accessories, including the AC compressor. Make sure this belt is in good shape and have it replaced it if not. Similarly, there are a variety of hoses for the AC system as well as for the heater. These hoses won't last forever, so keep an eye on them and have them replaced before they fail.

4. Service Once a Year

To ensure the heat and air in your Subaru continues to work reliably and flawlessly, we recommend you have them serviced annually by an authorized Subaru service center. This will allow technicians the opportunity to inspect everything and ensure that there are no surprises waiting down the road.

3. Proper Engine Coolant

Making sure your Subaru BOXER® engine has the proper coolant is important for a variety of reasons. They include the heater inside the vehicle. That's because the heater uses hot coolant from the engine to warm up the cabin. If the coolant system isn't maintained properly, sediment can block up the heater core. In fact, a poorly maintained coolant system can even cause the heater core to rupture and leak coolant all over the front passenger floor.

2. Cabin Air Filter

Just like the engine in your Subaru has an air filter that keeps particulates out of the engine, the passenger cabin has a similar air filter. We suggest having your cabin air filter replaced at the same time you have the engine air filter replaced. This way, the air continues to flow clean and free throughout your cabin.

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1. Licensed technician

We applaud those who enjoy a good DIY automotive project in their garage. However, complicated systems like the air conditioning in your Subaru may prove a bit beyond the average hobby mechanic. Special gauges should be used by a technician who's well trained in all the details of automotive HVAC. That's why we recommend trusting factory-trained technicians like those in our service department at Hanson Subaru. We'll make sure that your Subaru heat and AC are well maintained for the long road ahead.

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