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Back in the days before automated anti-lock brake systems (better known by the acronym ABS), cars were prone to locking their wheels when you slammed on the brakes. The brake exerted so much pressure on the wheel that it stopped rotating entirely and would start to skid. In an emergency stop, a car that's skidding takes longer to stop and can't be controlled! To combat this, drivers were once encouraged to "pump" the brakes, bringing the car to a stop without skidding. Today, the ABS system pumps the brakes for you, at a rate much faster than a human could accomplish. The result? Today's cars are safer because they can stop sooner and are less likely to lose control.

When the ABS light turns on in your dashboard, this important safety system isn't working right. Your brakes will continue to work, but without the assistance of ABS, the wheels could lock up and send you into a skid -- especially in wet weather! Be sure to have this important safety system checked out by the experts right away.

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What Problems Cause the ABS Light to Turn On in my Car?

Modern ABS systems work by detecting the rotation speed of all four wheels. If one of the wheels shows a speed of zero, despite the car traveling forward, the system will rapidly pulse the brake on that wheel, allowing the wheel to safely rotate and slow down in a controlled manner.

The most likely reason for an ABS system failure is a bad wheel speed sensor. Road grime, metal shavings and other debris can damage the sensor over time. Replacing a wheel speed sensor is a routine procedure for the trained techs in our service department at Hanson Subaru.

How to Make a Service Appointment at Hanson Subaru

Our goal is to make proper automotive maintenance easy to fit into your schedule at Hanson Subaru. That's why our service center is even open from on Saturdays! Select an available appointment slot with our online service scheduler when your car is in need of service. Or, give us a call at the number at the top of this page to speak with a friendly service advisor if you have questions or concerns. We're located at 2300 Carriage Loop SW, Olympia, WA 98502 for your convenience.

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Why Visit Hanson Subaru for All your Automotive Maintenance and Repair Needs?

A Subaru is a remarkable piece of engineering -- from the balanced and powerful BOXER® engine to the sophisticated Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, it's designed to give you an unparalleled driving experience. Proper maintenance will help your Subaru last longer and give you less trouble and fewer expensive repair bills throughout its life. And if something ever does go wrong, you can trust our factory-trained experts to perform a quality repair that lives up to your high expectations.

That's why it always pays to turn to the dealership pros at the Hanson Subaru service department, and not the other guys. We use OEM parts and Subaru-approved fluids to ensure your Subaru gets the quality care a vehicle like this deserves. You never know what you're getting from the corner quick lube place or the neighborhood mechanic. At Hanson Subaru, you always know you're getting exactly what's prescribed by the manufacturer. And with our friendly staff, comfortable waiting areas, convenient hours and monthly service specials, we make maintaining your ride properly easy, convenient and affordable. We look forward to earning your business the next time your Subaru requires service.