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If you enjoy the benefits of a Subaru model made within the past decade, and even beyond, you won't have to worry about its drum brakes or shoes. That's because Subaru has been equipping their entire lineup with four-wheel disc brakes for a long time. However, Subaru models are made to last, so there are still a lot of older models that may be equipped with rear drum brakes. Below, we look at how you can tell if your vehicle has drum brakes, when to get the shoes replaced, and why you might need to have drum brakes replaced. If you have any questions, please give us a call at Hanson Subaru.

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How Can You Tell if Your Vehicle has Drum Brakes?

For those familiar with automotive brakes, simply looking at them can tell you what they are. If you're not sure what you're looking at, first look at the front brakes. So long as your vehicle was made since the 1970s, it should have disc brakes on the front. You can tell by the shiny flat disc that's visible through the wheel. Now go to the rear of the vehicle. If it does have drum brakes, this is where you're likely to find them. Instead of that shiny flat disc, you'll see a dull round thing that looks a little like a drum. Hence, drum brakes.

What You Should Know About Maintaining & Replacing Drum Brakes

If you've ever swapped out the pads for disc brakes, you may think that replacing the equivalent brake shoes on drum brakes is a piece of cake. However, this may not be the case. Removing the brake drum isn't always easy. Once you do have the brake drum off, you're faced with a complex network of springs, an adjuster, and other components like the wheel cylinder and even a parking brake assembly.

While the brake shoes on rear drum brakes typically last much longer than the front disc brake pads, they will eventually need to be changed. Some drum brakes have an inspection window in the drum so you can see how much friction material is left on the shoe, otherwise the brake drum will need to be removed to inspect the brake shoes. We suggest having the brake shoes inspected every other oil change or so.

When it comes to replacing brake shoes, we recommend leaving it to the experts. The springs are under a lot of tension and special tools are required to safely remove and install the springs. What's more, rear drum brakes must be precisely assembled for them to work correctly. Since these are your brakes we're talking about, it just doesn't make sense to take a chance on them not being done correctly.

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We've been a family owned and operated dealership for over 35 years. We understand that our success relies on providing every customer with the best service for them and their automotive needs. That's why we've put together service information pages like this one to supplement the work of those in our authorized Subaru service center. We're proud to work with some of the best factory-trained technicians in the business, and our regularly updated service specials mean you get even more for your money. You can also count on us to use only OEM and factory-approved parts and products when taking care of your Subaru. These are conveniently available right here in our Subaru parts department. Come see us to find out more just west of Lacey, WA at Hanson Subaru.

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