Keep your Subaru Clean with Detail Services in Olympia, WA
Hanson Subaru Detail Services available in Olympia, WA

Keep Your Subaru Looking Great With Professional Detail Services From Hanson Subaru in Olympia

At Hanson Subaru, we're the experts when it comes to helping you keep your Subaru in top shape, inside and out! We're proud to offer professional detailing services in our state-of-the-art service center at competitive prices. Bring your Subaru in for a hand wash, wax and tire shine, a carpet and seats shampoo, ozone deodorization treatment, headlight restoration and more. We also offer a complete interior and exterior detail service that includes carpet shampoo, leather cleaning, hand wash and wax, an acid bath for water spotting, engine compartment cleaning and much more starting at just $229! We're located at 2300 Carriage Loop SW, Olympia, WA 98502, convenient to Lacey and Tumwater and worth the drive from Tenino. We can't wait to restore your Subaru to it's showroom shine with professional detailing at Hanson Subaru!

*Please note: all prices subject to change based on vehicle condition.

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