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Why Is Wheel Alignment Important?

If your vehicle has improperly aligned wheels, all kinds of problems can follow. Subaru vehicles are fun to drive; however, having to constantly correct course (even if it's not enough for you to consciously notice) will wear you out sooner, making the drive more irritating than relaxing. However, comfort isn't the only consideration. If your Subaru isn't aligned right, the tires can wear down unevenly, so you'll need to replace them much sooner than you would on a vehicle that's aligned right. In addition, misalignment can be dangerous; a momentary lapse of focus can send your car towards a curb or into another lane.

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How Do I Know if the Wheels Are Out of Alignment?

There are several ways to check the alignment of your vehicle. A common test is to find a level, empty parking lot or empty road. Begin to accelerate and take your hands off the steering wheel. If your vehicle starts to pull one way or the other instead of going straight, your alignment likely needs to be adjusted. The best way, however, is to bring your vehicle to Hanson Subaru for an alignment check. Because our technicians use precision tools, they can find misalignment before it becomes obvious and save you unnecessary wear and tear.

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Hanson Subaru is proud to be your source for Subaru service in Olympia and beyond. Our service center is staffed by factory trained and certified technicians who have the knowledge and experience necessary to give your Subaru the care it needs. From small service like oil changes to larger repairs, our experts will work quickly and skillfully. In addition, they'll keep your Subaru at the same high quality by only using genuine OEM and Subaru-approved parts, fluids, filters, and accessories. Our prices are competitive, and we offer regularly updated specials to help you save even more. We look forward to seeing you and your Subaru soon at Hanson Subaru.

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